• compressed air9.02.2023

    We reduce the use of compressed air. In order to save energy, KT-Kunststofftechnik uses small blowers to replace the energy-consuming compressed air.

  • transport4.02.2023

    From now on, KT-Kunststofftechnik will use an electric transporter to make small transports more environmentally friendly.

  • social media1.02.2023

    Our home brand KT Box can now also be found on Instagram. Search for @ktbox.official to see various impressions of our products.

  • KT-Box the Home Brand of KT Kunststofftechnik GmbH20.09.2022

    We produce and sell sustainable products made of plastic. All products are durable and 100% recyclable. Recycled plastics are preferably used in production. Development and production take place entirely in Switzerland and Germany.

    Our unique all-weather furniture can be used both outdoors and indoors. Used as garden furniture, they withstand any weather and after a rainstorm or a load of Sahara dust, they can be cleaned easily and without any problems. The black furniture is made from recycled plastic, we only use new material for the trendy colored versions.

    We offer the all-weather furniture in several design lines that are both trendy and timeless.

    Infoschreiben KT Box englisch

  • ISO 9001 certification27.06.2022

    Our new ISO 9001 certification written out through TRB GmbH.

  • E-cars18.03.2022

    The company vehicles of KT Kunststofftechnik in Balingen and in Switzerland are now powered exclusively by electricity.

  • KT Kunststofftechnik Schweiz GmbH4.01.2022

    Since January 2022, our Swiss customers are served and supplied by KT Kunststofftechnik Schweiz GmbH. We are thus closer to our customers and we take over all export and import activities.

  • First hybrid housings15.10.2021

    KT Kunststofftechnik develops the first hybrid housings that can be manufactured using both milling, bending and welding technology (FBS technology) and injection molding. The housings are designed in such a way that with the FBS technology a very fast market maturity with low initial costs is achieved. As sales volumes increase, individual parts or even the entire housing can later be manufactured using injection molding technology, which is more cost-effective for very large quantities.


    EMBRAER PORTUGAL Estrutura em Compósitos lists KT Kunststofftechnik as a vendor.

  • New distribution channel12.11.2020

    KT Kunststofftechnik uses the Conrad Marketplace to sell to commercial customers.