Individual Plastic Enclosures

The production techniques for individual plastic enclosures
CNC milling/bending/welding

In the manufacturing process of enclosures or parts we rely on modern methods and technologies in order to produce your customized product with the utmost efficiency.

Individual Plastic Enclosures

CNC milling/bending/welding method without additional tooling costs and the ability to produce even small series.

3D Printing

Printing of prototypes and complex components using the CNC milling/bending/welding process

CNC milling/bending/welding process combined with 3D Printing

The combination of the two production techniques removes the individual restrictions. The respective economic and technical advantages are used to produce efficiently.

Membrane keyboards and touchscreens

State-of-the-art membrane switching technologies from prototypes to small and large series production.

Anti Tatsch®

safety grippers to open doors and operate switches and ATMs without using your own fingers

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